Cannonball Productions was formed in 2015. A culmination of bringing together production talents of producers with over thirty years combined experience in the worlds of advertising, music video and short form television. We bring together Academy Award nominated artists and technicians to bring the very best production experiences to our clients. Let us show you a Texas you may not know existed until now.


Our Mission

To provide extremely competitive rates and expertise in a constantly changing world of challenging budgets and even more challenging creative. Our experience, combined with the very best that Texas has to offer in terms of crew, locations and recreation make Cannonball the choice you should consider when putting together your next project. 

What We've Achieved

  • Our producers have been nominated for and won multiple awards including an Emmy, Clio's, and MTV Video of the Year.
  • We have produced commercials worldwide for the biggest names in commerce and the biggest names in entertainment since 1999.